1780 Townley Street

Application: To rezone from RA-1 (Apartment) zone to RM-6 (Residential Mixed) zone to construct a 3-storey, 54-unit apartment building for affordable seniors / persons with disabilities housing, plus 10 attached housing units for families.  Variances are requested.

Result: Approved

Update (November 2017): The resubmitted application was approved at the Public Hearing on November 7th.  See the timeline section below for an updated supplemental report from the municipal Planning Department.

Summary: In 2015, the Greater Victoria Housing Society (GVHS) contacted the CCA regarding potential redevelopment of its Townley Lodge property at 1780 Townley.  The GVHS held open houses in September and December 2015 and submitted its application before the end of the year.  The GVHS met with the CCA at our January 2016 Board meeting where some issues were brought forward.  Immediate neighbours formed a group called the ‘Neighbours for the Wise Redevelopment of Townley Lodge’ who were concerned about the 4-storey building abutting single-family household properties.  Another open house was held in May 2016 and the GVHS met with the CCA Board again in September 2016.

The rezoning application went to Council in October 2016.  Noting concerns about  adherence with the Local Area Plan and Official Community Plan as well as lack of step-down transition to neighbouring properties, the CCA did not support the proposal.  A copy of the CCA’s letter to Council can be found in the section below, as well as the letter from the Neighbours for the Wise Redevelopment of Townley Lodge.

The application was not supported by Saanich Council and the proposal was postponed.  The GVHS brought forward new design options and presented to the CCA Board in January 2017.  After an open house in February, the applicant brought forward three options in March.  The favoured option has been refined and a new proposal was brought forward at an open house in June 2017.

The GVHS submitted new plans for the property and went to Saanich Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017.  A Public Hearing was held on November 7th, 7pm, in the Saanich Council chambers where Council approved the new plans.

Timeline and Supporting Documents:

  • Public Hearing – November 7, 2017
  • Open House – March 14, 2017
  • Open House – February 7, 2017
  • Open House – May 17, 2016