Lansdowne Road Bike Lanes

From Saanich’s Capital Works Projects Guide for 2015:

lansdowne2 Lansdowne Rd

Lansdowne Road Bike Lanes

The project was approved by Council as part of the 2014 Capital Program and will provide a connection on Lansdowne Road from the existing bike lanes on Foul Bay Road to the bike lanes on Shelbourne Street and Hillside Avenue. Engineering is consulting with Oak Bay Municipality and the City of Victoria to co-ordinate work adjoining their respective borders at each end of the project. In addition, Saanich Engineering is working with Camosun College to install a multi-use pathway through the college grounds to provide a facility separated from Lansdowne Road. Included in the project is the upgrade to a very busy bus stop on Lansdowne Road.

How will this project improve Saanich?

• Provide a connection to the Municipal and Regional bike networks.
• Provide safe cycling access to Lansdowne School and Camosun College.
• Improve bus stop facilities used by Middle School students and Camosun College students.
• Improve the crossing facilities at Lansdowne and Richmond Roads.

Project Timing:
Start Date: Summer 2015 Duration of Work: 3 months

Project Budget: $500,000

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