Keats Street Pedestrian Bridge Replacement

From the Saanich Capital Works Projects Guide for 2015:

Keats Street Pedestrian Bridge Replacement

This is a joint project between Transportation, Sanitary Sewer and Water Works to upgrade aging infrastructure – both underground and aboveground. The intent is to replace the sanitary sewer main on Keats Street and upgrade the water main crossing of Bowker Creek. Concurrently, the existing pedestrian pathway and bridge over Bowker Creek will be upgraded and replaced. Over the past few years temporary work was completed to prevent breakages in the underground infrastructure until this
project was able to be implemented.

How will this project improve Saanich?
 Improve the sanitary sewer and water main infrastructure on Keats Street.
 Improve the water main network in the neighbourhood
 Improved pedestrian facilities crossing Bowker Creek and access to amenities on both sides of the creek

Project Timing:
Start Date: Summer 2015
Duration of Work: 3 months

Project Budget: Transportation – $250,000
Sanitary Sewer – $125,000
Water Works – $25,000

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