3385, 3399, 3401, 3305 Shelbourne Street: CCA Does NOT Support Project as Presented

The CCA has submitted a review of the development plans presented by Abstract Developments for the subject addresses. The proposal may be examined on the Saanich website on this page; search for one of the street address numbers. Specific documents provided by the developer may be viewed using these links:

The CCA does not support the development plans as presented. The CCA is concerned that the development as proposed does not conform to the spirit or the letter of the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan.

The CCA welcomes projects that respect the SVAP. This application will be the first project on the Shelbourne Corridor. It is important that is done right as it will set the tone for the future. Saanich residents and Saanich Council spent nine years working on a vision for the Shelbourne Valley. It was approved in 2018. The northern part of Shelbourne Street is well under way developing the vision of the plan.

Does this proposal meet the bar or surpass the vision of the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan? The CCA would state that it does not, and it is not in support of the application proceeding in its current form.

Letter from CCA to Saanich planners re: 3385, 3399, 3401, 3305 Shelbourne Street DPR00792/REZ00665, dated June 10, 2020.

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