Public Hearing re: 2859 Richmond Road on Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 7 pm

The property at 2859 Richmond Road is being proposed as a potential multi-family site. To support this land use requires a change in the Shelbourne Local Area Plan (LAP). The change would be from single-family dwelling zoning to a zoning that supports a nine-townhouse development by Urban Thrive.

“ rezone Lot 9, Block 5, Section 26, Victoria District, Plan 1107 (2859 RICHMOND ROAD) from the RS-6 (Single Family Dwelling) Zone to the RT-WA (Attached Housing Whittier Avenue) Zone to construct a nine-townhouse development with no on-site car parking.

“A DEVELOPMENT PERMIT with variances for lot coverage, setbacks, projections and parking will be considered. A COVENANT and HOUSING
AGREEMENT will also be considered to further regulate the use of lands and buildings.”

Notice of Public Hearing

Please read the Notice of Public Hearing to understand the ways in which you may provide your comments on this and other proposed changes to bylaws being considered by Saanich council.

Image courtesy Urban Thrive
Image courtesy Google Maps
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