Lansdowne Middle School south campus giving up land to Hospice

The Times Colonist newspaper has reported that the Greater Victoria School District has agreed to sell a portion of the Lansdowne Middle School south campus – formerly Richmond Elementary School – to the Victoria Hospice Society.

Although the TC states the parcel is separated from the larger school property by a stand of trees, they perhaps missed the fact that those trees are shading one of the exposed stretches of Bowker Creek as it wends its way to Oak Bay. A narrow foot bridge connects the to-be-sold parcel from the remaining school property. Let’s hope any future construction there respects, preserves and perhaps improves the area that makes up this waterway as we lose green space to a worthy cause.

For more information on Bowker Creek, please read about the Friends of Bowker Creek Society.

Approvals from further governing bodies have yet to be collected, but will no doubt be provided as requested.

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