January 24, 7 pm Public Hearing

Our Camosun community is being affected by the clear need for more housing that afflicts all of southern Vancouver Island. An example of the planned increase in housing density we have seen already and will continue to see is represented by the proposed rezoning, items B.1 and B.2 of this Notice of Public Hearing from Saanich, that will be discussed on January 24th at 7 pm.

Note that the proposed rezoning’s subject properties are not within the CCA geography. They simply represent the types of changes we will see as multi-unit housing stock is added to our District.

Interested in viewing or participating in District of Saanich Public Hearings or Council meetings? Check the details here to learn how to join and to participate in upcoming events. For the historically minded, archives of past meetings are also available, many with video of the event.

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