Grooming Bowker Creek for Salmon

The local Times Colonist newspaper has a recent article on the efforts being made to have salmon return to Bowker Creek.

This initial effort won’t directly affect Bowker Creek within the CCA area of Saanich. But if the chum salmon eggs to be planted in prepared gravel beds of Bowker Creek result in hatched fish returning after their years at sea, there’s nothing to say they won’t head a bit further upstream seeking suitable spawning habitat.

The Friends of Bowker Creek Society has created a Bowker Creek Blueprint that spans 100 years.

Bowker Creek provides drainage for much of the Shelbourne Valley. Sadly, it has been covered for much of its length. See map below.

Map image from the CRD’s Natural Area Atlas tool. The daylighted parts of Bowker Creek are shown as light blue within the Bowker Creek watershed. The parts that join these daylighted parts run underground in culverts.
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