Bowker Creek: more than just a creek!

We’ve posted about Bowker Creek several times in the past decade on our CCA website. The recent rains here have shown the important role this waterway plays within Saanich, the Shelbourne valley watershed, and our community area.

We ignore the needs of floodwater management at our peril, as this image of Bowker Creek overflowing with the mid-November deluge demonstrates.

The 10 year old Bowker Creek Blueprint continues to be championed by the Friends of Bowker Creek Society.

The blueprint forms a 100 year CRD planning document that outlines detailed plans for restoration of the creek, including flood control measures for Saanich, Victoria and Oak Bay and a multi use trail from UVic to the ocean. 

The triangle behind Lansdowne middle school south is one of the few places where the creek is above ground and is an important part of the plan as well as being designated a proposed park by Saanich.

p.20, Bowker Creek Blueprint, courtesy of Saanich

The Bowker Creek Daylighting Feasibility Study(2020) shows detailed plans of proposed creek realignment and storm water facilities on both the Lansdowne middle school north and south fields, which will help prevent future flooding in Saanich, Victoria and Oak Bay.

p.63 Bowker Creek Daylighting Feasibility Study, courtesy of CRD

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