Allenby Park Improvements: starting mid July

You may recall we posted about a planned redo of Allenby Park some time ago. It looks like shovels in dirt are due to be seen soon at Allenby! Details on the planned changes and improvements may be viewed on the Saanich website here.

Enhancements to the playground includes new play equipment, accessible ramps into the playground, and accessible wood chip safety surfacing. The sport court will have hockey goals and basketball standards at each end. Additonal park improvements include a natural play area, new main pathway, park furniture, bike racks and tree planting.

The construction will involve some machinery and truck movement on Townley Street. We expect any disruptions to be minor and we thank those affected neighbours for their patience and understanding as we work to improve the park for the benefit of our community.

Letter from Paul de Greeff, Park Planning and Development Manager, Saanich
Image courtesy Saanich website.
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