The rezoning, development variance permit and subdivision application for the property 1899 Townley Street will be addressed by Council on Monday, Sept. 28.

Please see the meeting agenda here.

Please review the report by the Planning Department here. The report provides site maps and renderings of the proposed structures to help you visualize this planned development.

The CCA submission to Planning back in April noted

The response was positive to the architecture, small lots and houses. The neighbourhood does not support a duplex as an alternative. They do not support secondary suites due to the size of the houses and the property.
Discussion mainly focused on the landscape plan, sidewalk and boulevard parking and storm water management.

and then concluded

The community issues are the landscape plan, parking on the boulevard and storm water management.
Should the subdivision proceed the CCA requests that the applicant:
• Covenants that the houses do not have secondary suites.
• Deconstruction of the existing house and garage

The Planning Department recommends approval of the rezoning, variance permit and subdivision application, pending a covenant to

  • build to BUILT GREEN Gold energy efficiency level, with conduits to be solar ready
  • construct substantially in compliance with the Aug. 24, 2020 dated plans prepared by RHD Designs
  • do not include secondary suites in the new dwellings

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