Yves Bajard: A Life to Celebrate

Community member and CCA director Yves Bajard passed away January 26, 2013. Husband, father, sibling and neighbour, Yves was retired only in the sense that he no longer worked for pay.

Yves participated as a CCA director from 2001 to the present, absent for some years when other obligations consumed his time. He took an active interest in all community issues, but focused much of his energy on environmental and food security concerns. While the CCA enjoyed the fruit of his efforts at the community level, Yves had several geographically distant connections and interests,  not the least of which included his much-loved family members.

Current and past board members of the CCA extend our deepest sympathy to Yves’ wife and partner in life, Thora, and all of his family and friends. We are fortunate to have known and worked with Yves. He will be missed.

A Celebration of Yves’ life will take place at:

The Nature House at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary
Saturday February 16, from 10am to 12.


Please RSVP to Thora at thora@bajard.net, 250 598-4610 or Anne Cath at anne-cath@bajard.net, 1 604 710-4955. As Thora has written, “The nature lovers and bird watchers among you may want to bring warm clothes for a stroll along the lake. Yves would enjoy seeing you out there.”

Yves’ obituary is here.

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