Trees & Biodiversity in Saanich: What do you care about?

Saanich has an Urban Forest Strategy (UFS).

It [the UFS] provides a comprehensive list of policies and actions to enhance our urban forest and address current and future issues.

UFS update -bulletin

Saanich is in the process of updating the UFS, with Phase 1 starting this spring.

Before phase 1, you can still contribute to the online mapping tool. Share natural places you value, help identify threats to these places, and let us know where things could be improved.

UFS update -bulletin

Within the geography of the CCA, we’ve had Saanich improve Browning Park and most recently do a refresh on Allanby Park; both efforts focused primarily on playgrounds for neighbourhood children.

The recently acquired Kings Road Community Nature Green Space, with its bounty of trees shading the trail alongside Bowker Creek, and its open spaces frequently used by dog walkers, could benefit in this UFS exercise by CCA residents highlighting its importance to them. We encourage you to take the time to use that online mapping tool to flag Kings Road Community Nature Green Space and to provide your thoughts on that space’s urban forest.

Image, link courtesy District of Saanich
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