Shelbourne Community Kitchen fundraising campaign

Recently, a single mother and her two children planned and prepared a meal together with other families at the Shelbourne Community Kitchen (the Kitchen), and they all sat down to enjoy it together. They had never had the opportunity to select and cook healthy food together. It was an empowering experience.

The Kitchen is a community food resource for individuals and families living on a low income. You may have read in our Fall Newsletter, that the CCA is one of five partner organizations that provide support to the Kitchen. The Kitchen, in turn, supports more than 400 people from local communities by providing the following opportunities:

  • garden programs to learn how to grow food together;
  • small group cooking programs to learn skills, share meals, and take away nutritious food;
  • a pantry to self select healthy food for preparing at home;
  • and a place of welcome, acceptance, community and other resources for support.

The number and involvement of participants and volunteers in the Kitchen has continued to grow, as has the positive impact of the Kitchen in the lives of many people. It runs its programs with just one paid staff member and over 200 volunteers. To support this growth, the Kitchen is in its first ever Fundraising Campaign. The campaign goal is to raise $80,000 to build greater capacity in the organization by hiring an additional staff member to assist with operations, and to accommodate those on waiting list for programs.

To learn more about the Kitchen, including how to donate, please visit their website at

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