Metro Vancouver seeks to mitigate tree canopy loss

The Vancouver Sun reports on the projected loss of tree canopy throughout Metro Vancouver, the negative effects of this, and the steps the Metro area needs to take to reverse this trend.

Almost certainly many of the same observations apply to the Victoria area and indeed to Saanich specifically, where developments – such as the recently approved “25-unit town-home project” undertaken by Abstracts Developments north of Swan Lake – will be removing many mature native tree species including Gary oaks.

An example of the tree loss suffered when single family dwellings are replaced with multi-family dwellings. We know additional housing is needed, but when we lose mature tree canopy we also lose the moderating effect its shade can have during extreme heat events.

We encourage Saanich and its planners to work toward increasing the tree canopy across all Saanich neighbourhoods, and to perhaps work more creatively to retain mature native species when redevelopment occurs.

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