Meeting Notes re: Proposed Condos for 3404 Shelbourne/1647 McRae Avenue

Update: The comment sheet that was available at the meeting for participants to fill in is now available here. You’ll have to either print it out, fill it in, and drop it off to the street address it names; or download it, open it with a program like Word or LibreOffice, fill it in, save or export it back to a PDF, and then email it as an attachment to the email address named.

An email with a suitable subject line sent to will work equally as well.

This presentation from Abstract Developments was presented at the Feb. 19th meeting.

The meeting was well attended with about 80 people showing up to participate. Many questions were raised and answered. The CCA distributed a survey at the meeting; no decision yet as to whether the survey results will be shared here.

The Abstract presentation references Saanich’s Shelbourne Valley Action Plan (SVAP), approved by Council in 2017. SVAP images are used within the presentation, as shown here.

Map from SVAP showing site locations. Number in square designates maximum allowable building height in storeys.

Map legend from the SVAP.

3405 Shelbourne, townhouses
Townhouses pictured for the 3404 Shelbourne site.
Condos planned for the 3404 Shelbourne site.
Condos planned for the 1647 McRae site.
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