Kings Road Nature Space Native Planting Event: Update

On Wednesday, February 1st, at the Kings Road Nature Space, an event sponsored by both BC Hydro and The District of Saanich occurred during which Lansdowne Middle School’s eco-education class helped to restore native plant habitat.

Here’s an update on what was accomplished.

The children planted a total of 233 plants including:
Yarrow, Salal, Red-Flowering currant, Ocean Spray, Dull Oregon-Grape, Hedge-Nettle, California Brome, Columbia Brome, Nootka Rose, Snowberry, Sword Fern and Sea Blush

update on the event

Please contact by email Deanna Pfeifer, or by phone (250) 514-2860 if you’d like to help at events like this or simply learn more about Kings Road Nature Space.

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