CCA Annual General Meeting + Constitution Changes

REMINDER: The Camosun Community Association’s Annual General Meeting will be taking place next week on Thursday, May 4th, 7pm at Lansdowne Middle School.

Our previously announced guest speaker, Cam Scott, is unable to attend but Pam Hartling from Saanich Planning will be attending on his behalf to speak about the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan.  John Schmuck will also be speaking about the Saanich Governance Review.

As required by the new BC Societies Act, we will also be voting to amend the CCA Constitution.  Copies of the proposed and existing constitution and a list of changes can be found below:

Proposed Revised 2017 CCA Constitution

Existing 2010 CCA Constitution

List of Proposed changes
Pursuant to the new Societies Act, all societies must revise/amend their constitutions to be consistent with the Act.  The following changes are required by the Act:

1.  The constitution can only consist of the name and one purpose of the society. The other five purposes have been moved into a preamble in the bylaws.

2.  There must be definitions, so Part one – interpretation has been added.

3.  As well the majority required for special resolutions has been changed to 2/3 at a meeting, or 100% if in writing.

4.  There can no longer be unalterable provisions, but all such provisions need to be identified.

5.  For membership to be open to non adults, there is quite a bit of extra work for the society to allow that.  So, the constitution has been amended to say that only ‘adults’ can be members.  Having said that, there is no impediment to anyone, of any age, working with the Association, or attending meetings.

6.  In part five, membership, the basis on which a member can be found not in good standing has been narrowed, so that abiding by the constitution and bylaws is the test, not disagreeing with executive policy.

7.  The section on persons qualified to be directors is required by the new act and is taken directly from the same.

In addition to the above changes for consistency with the Act, the following is also proposed to clarify Executive roles:

8. Reducing the number of executive directors to consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and allowing up to 7 Directors at Large.

The rest of the constitution continues as previously adopted, with some reorganizing, but no other changes.

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